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Shopping process
Mall online shopping process
Step 1: choose and buy
Browse / search the goods you need, select the size you need, click "add a shopping cart".
Second step: add a shopping cart
Into the shopping cart, if you want to buy other items of interest, click on the shopping cart to continue shopping or to enter other pages, search for goods to continue to buy.
Third step: log in / register
If you are not registered in the mall, please click on the new user registration page, just a few seconds, fill in the basic registration information, complete the registration, and then log in.
The fourth step: fill in the details
Would you please fill in the receipt of your detailed address, telephone, Email, phone, zip code and other information. If there are special instructions, please fill in the "special note".
The fourth step: choose the delivery method:
1, have the following distribution: Ordinary Express (free), EMS, sf;
2, time requirements: working days, weekends and holidays can delivery.
If the delivery address is not in the daytime, please contact the customer service staff. Special instructions for other time delivery (Note: special arrangements may exceed the expected delivery days); if there are special instructions please fill in the special instructions.
Fifth step: choose the payment method
Choose payment by the following options: cash on delivery, payment, third party online payment, post office payment, bank transfer.
Click the submit order button, check the information, if there is no problem, click on the submit button.
Sixth step: generate orders
Please remember the order number for inquiries, and your mail will receive an order confirmation letter.
Eighth step: Mall customer service personnel to verify the order
If there are special circumstances shoes network customer service staff to call you to verify the order, verify the product, confirm the receipt of your information.
Ninth step: delivery
The customer service personnel to verify the general orders within 24 hours of delivery at the same time, there will be the text message to express and express a single number.
The tenth step: acceptance of goods
When you receive the goods, please carefully check the types of goods you ordered, quantity, specifications and the corresponding gifts, qualified, please sign on the delivery note. If you are not satisfied with our services and products can be made on the spot rejected, do not dismantle, damage and packaging of goods, and you are welcome to call our complaints telephone, put forward your opinions and suggestions, help us to improve our service quality.


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