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"The wise man will always be in the pursuit of perfection." - Eugene Schueller, founder of L'OREAL group
She was born 100 years ago beautiful romantic Paris, in the Mo Monet, Renoir and age, in the air are filled with intoxicating elegance. If at the time of her, like a graceful young girl of the Seine. Today, through the 100 years of her, came to the East, more charming, more mature atmosphere -- French style embodies rich cultural heritage, solid rigorous scientific research foundation and bright outstanding operating performance, she still this unremitting pursuit of beautiful, describing a century beautiful legend...
Eugene Schueller, founder of L'OREAL group
1921 L'OREAL dye gold series advertising painting
Senna River, with beautiful name
Paris in 1909, artists and writers who linger in Sharon, people talk about the topic, including the history, philosophy, and the beauty of the proposition. In fact, the beauty of the concept of a wide range of revolutions in all walks of life. At this time a chemist, but also quietly brewing a beauty secret revolution. He's Eugene Schueller, a young chemist.. Schueller in established the "French harmless hair agent company" ("La soci e t e Fran? Aise des Teintures Inoffensives") a small apartment along the banks of the Seine in the, this is the future of the world's largest cosmetics group L'Oreal's predecessor.
In 1907 Eugene Schueller's laboratory as a chemist, researchers and investors, Schueller believes chemistry can create cosmetics, and can update the old beauty secret recipe ". This was a revolutionary concept before twentieth Century.. He first, the hair is listed as the object of scientific research, R & D and manufacturing out of a series of new hair products, hair dye, bleach, perming formula and soap shampoo and so on, again and again set off the upsurge of hairdressing industry and consumers sought after at that time.
Schueller soon it with a group of Paris hairdresser become like-minded friends, they immediately into common efforts and dreams. Schueller says his young company is a top university for hair coloring ". Starting from the use of the product, training hairdressers, serve the hairdresser, to promote the industry development, this will be education and training as core work practices, in 100 years later, today is still L'Oreal professional hair department assured the creed.
1954 DOP singers grand
Research and development and create a new at the same time, the chemist Eugene Schueller soon showed his extraordinary talent marketing.
In 1931, Schueller creatively the Da Bu covered in Paris a building, creating a huge billboard for his new shampoo, creating a pioneer of outdoor advertising. In 1932, he changed the rigid read word test radio advertising, the first rap songs form of lively advertising to the radio. In 1933. He even turned into publisher, journalist and design artist, published at that time was the first female beauty monthly Votre Beaut Poincar, feminist propaganda on the beautiful life style truly expect and demand, can not truth to say is a field for the beauty of the thinking of the revolution. In the 1950s, Eugene Schueller and create the concept of "enterprises sponsored project", the singer on tour program, attracting a live audience of up to 5 million a day, in is decorated around the stage of L'Oreal DOP brand color, while favorite singer cheer "DOP, DOP, he is DOP pie!" One side, get the site to distribute DOP shampoo products sample. Thus, Eugene Schueller, one of the founder of modern advertising through the streets of marketing, sponsorship, a combination of traditional media and new media to promote products, his company quickly in the European market a foothold.
Lancome in the 60's.
Growing footprint
1939, the company officially renamed L'OREAL. With the success of the 50 years stationed upscale perfume cosmetics stores and pharmacies channel, L'OREAL also began to open the market in the United States.
In 1957, Francoi Dale became the head of the second generation of L'Oreal. In his time after 26 years in office, for the L'OREAL group to international large companies laid a solid foundation. In the 1960s, L'Oreal strategic acquired Lancome, card poems, Garnier, a series of brand, and through the successful commercial operation, so that they become their own sales channels within the outstanding and well-known international brand.
In 1963, based on its excellent and stable development, L'Oreal is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, which for the company opened the abundant new financing channels. Since then, L'OREAL's market value has increased by 490 times!
"Our company was founded by a researcher, and constant scientific progress has always been the real key to our future door.." L'Oreal second President CEO Francois says barack.
From a chemist's apartment and laboratory, to 100 years later, today, L'Oreal Group in Asia, America and Europe set up 16 R & D centers and 13 assessment center, 3095 61 countries and 30 academic scientist from beautiful hard work. In 2007 alone, the L'Oreal Group's R & D investment reached 5 million euros, registered patent number reached 576, with more than 30000 valid patent.
L'OREAL became the first cosmetic group with this experience.
L'OREAL lab results: some of the most representative innovative cosmetic ingredients molecules
Oriental wisdom, pluralistic beauty
"We face the whole world.

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